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Mutt Muffs


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Mutt Muffs light-weight, comfortable full-spectrum noise reduction dog ear protection

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At long last, your best friend can now enjoy full-spectrum noise reduction with comfortable and light-weight Mutt Muffs®. 

The benefits are obvious: reducing harmful noise in nearly all environments

  • Over-the-Head Hearing Protection for Animals.
  • Specially Designed Wide Foam Filled Ear Seals for Maximum Comfort.
  • Comfortable and Lightweight
  • Adjustable Straps for Optimum Fit.
  • Engineered to properly meet the curvature of a dog's head.

The only ear protection for dogs provides less stress in noisy situations like:

  • New Year's Eve
  • thunderstorm
  • Hunting (bang protection)
  • aircraft noise

and much more. 

Our "little" friends perceive sounds in wider frequency ranges and pitches than humans. 
The sensitivity shows, for example, during thunderstorms, fireworks, bang noise and much more. 
We have the opportunity to protect the sensitive ears and thus stress and fear the dogs. 

The Mutt Muffs Classic reliably protect your dog's hearing.

They protect your hearing, so protect the even more sensitive hearing of your loved ones.

*Note: Dogs should always be supervised while wearing Mutt Muffs®.  Please be extra careful outdoors, or in any situation where the inability to hear all sounds might present a safety risk.

Ear Seals Sizes:


Max Width   Max Height
XS 3,81 cm 4.12 cm
small 4,44 cm 4,44 cm
medium  6,35 cm 6,35 cm
large 8.25 cm 8.25 cm
XL 10.16 cm 10.16 cm

The world's only hearing protection for dogs, our "Mutt Muffs" are available in 
5 sizes and even individually adjustable in size. There are Velcro straps in the upper 
and lower head area available and can be adapted to any dog's head shape. 

Above> for rough orientation.

size    Weight (kg)    Head circumference (cm)
XS 2-4 18-23
S 4-9 23-33
M 9-23 33-46
L 23-43 46-58
XL 43+ 58+

In our experience, however, more than 85% of all dogs like to carry the mutt muffs after a short initiation phase and voluntarily :)