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Non European Union (EU) residents can claim a tax refund on purchases personally exported from EU country.

Notice: Residents of EU countries can not claim VAT for purchases made in EU.

How it works?

  • Minimum purchase amount should exceed 200LT per one cash receipt. Seller takes to Buyer Tax Free FR0420 Form.
  • In order to obtain a refund on purchased goods Buyer have to prove exportation with a customs stamp on his Tax Free FR0420 Form. Show his goods in unused condition, receipts, and the Tax Free FR0420 Form to customs officials before leaving the country, and have his Form  stamped. When travelling within the EU, show his purchases and documents to customs officials in the last EU country he visit before leaving Europe.
  • Customs validation should be obtained within 2 months plus the month of purchase. After the customs validation there is no expiration date for Lithuanian Tax Free FR0420 Form
  • Other trip to Lithuania Buyer must provide the Seller Customs stamped Tax Free FR0420 form. Seller will refund money  in cash at the time when Buyer returned Form.

What does Buyer need to know:
   1. Is necessary to have a personal document.
   2. Value of supplies shall not be less than 200 Lt.
   3. Take advantage of Tax Free shopping service you can come to Sled Dogs Baltic shop, located at Šeškinės 59, Vilnius
   4. Tax Free form must be endorsed by the customs stamp when leaving from Lithuania. Tax Free form must be returned within two months from the date of the form write out

   5.  Tax Free Shopping doesn’t apply to goods that are shipped or sent by courier.